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October 2017

Every autumn Instagram in inundated with breathtaking photos of golden hued forests. The richness of colours and beauty of the changing season is a photographers dream. Visiting Yedigöller National park in Turkey has been on my bucket list for some time.

Yedigöller means seven lakes. The national park is rich in flora and fauna. The 1623 hectare forest is covered in oak, elm, fir, spruce, black pine and alder and is home to many fox, squirrels, wild boar, and deer. The forest has 7 lakes within it and  some wonderful picnic spots around the lakes. In autumn these picnic spots are covered with a canopy of yellow, red, green and gold. It is a sight definitely worth seeing.


Yedigöller National Park lies approximately 300 km east of Istanbul. It is a 4 hour drive from Istanbul so it would be best to leave early to get to the forest while you still have enough daylight. The drive takes you through Abant National Park, into Bolu city, up the mountains and down again into the national park.. There are no hotels in Yedigoller. The picnic spots have picnic benches, toilets and prayer rooms. If you're planning to make a day trip out of it it is worth bringing a picnic with yourself. The other option would be to stop in Abant or Bolu for a late lunch on your return journey. Or you could always spend the night in either Bolu or Abant and return for another visit the next morning.

While I was there In October the weather was cold but not freezing. But the autumn winds, rustling trees and falling leaves were a sight I won't forget.

Before you go!

Here are some things that I would recommend:

  • Try and arrange your journey with a driver. The last thing you want is to be lost in a forest. Our driver knew where to take us and stopped at all the right places. This saves a lot of time during a short trip.

  • Pack a picnic or some snacks for the journey.

  • While I was there we stopped for a late lunch in Abant at 'Sömine Et Mangal Kahvaltı Evi'. They are known for their meats and kebaps. I had already been there during my winter trip to Abant and the food has always been great.

  • Stop at the 7 lakes while in Yedigoller. Each one is so unique. There are definitely many photo opportunites.

  • Last but not least don't forget your camera!

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