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With beautiful granite peaks and lush forests, North Island has not one but three great hiking opportunities. We started with Spa Hill, the easiest of the three hikes which starts off from the spa, up some cobbled steps and onto big granite rocks. With our experienced guide Tarryn leading the way we stopped now and then to learn about the vegetation and trees. She also told us about certain aggressive species growing on the island that the team at North are trying to contain. The pleasant hike lead to some magnificent views of Anse D'est or East Beach and may make a great picnic spot later in the day when it isn't too hot.

For our second hike we climbed Bernica Hill. The 1.5 to 2 hour hike starts at Petit Anse Beach and ends at Honeymoon beach. The walk goes through some dense but interesting forest up more granite rocks. The highlight of the hike was the amazing view. The welcome rest stop on top looks onto the sea below and Silhouette island just across. Our guide Elliot, who has been on North Island from the start shared some interesting stories along the way. We even ran into some tortoises up there.

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